Mt Carmel After School Program

Program Name: Mt. Carmel After School Program

Location(s)/Contact Info:

35 Mt. Carmel Ave.
1st Floor
Chicopee, MA 01013
(413) 533-6407


The Mt. Carmel After School Program offers after school activities to children ages 5 to 12.  If a child is 5 years old, they must be in Kindergarten in order to be eligible for the after school program.

What does the after school program offer?

  • Children will receive help with homework, increasing their academic success in school
  • Organized arts and crafts are offered to maximize the child's creativity
  • Activities such as foosball, board games, sport and team oriented games to help the children learn team work and develop social skills


In order to be eligible for Mt. Carmel After School Program tuition assistance, the participant must have one of the following service needs:

  • Parent working 25+ hours per week
  • Parent going to school full-time (12 credits)
  • Parent attending school part-time (6 credits) and work part-time, hours must add up to at least 25 hours
  • Enrolled in a full-time training program
  • Be the parent of a child with a documented special need
  • A parent who is incapacitated
  • Be a grandparent or guardian; 65 years old and retired

Along with meeting a service need the family income cannot be more than 50% of State Median Income in order to qualify for tuition assistance.

Service Area:

The Mt. Carmel After School Program can serve any parent from the state that has a child care voucher and wants their child to attend the program, which is located in Chicopee.  Parents who are going to pay out of pocket for the program are also able to participate.

*The program accepts vouchers from NEFWC and private pay.