The Greening the Gateway Cities project is a collaboration with the Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR) with the goal of planting trees in part of the Willimansett section of Chicopee in an effort to reduce energy use in the area, help cool air temperatures, clean water, slow winds, purify air, and beautify the city.

Participants of this program are eligible to receive more than one tree, if there is enough space on the property, determined by a DCR Forester. A DCR Forester will meet with all interested participants to discuss the type of tree that will be planted, location to plant the tree, and answer any questions they may have. Trees are planted, free of charge, by DCR crews and the participants are responsible for watering the trees in order to ensure that they thrive and remain healthy.


  • Residents in specific sections of the Willimansett area of Chicopee. Please call for additional information.
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(413) 552-1554
35 Mt. Carmel Avenue, 3rd Floor
Chicopee, MA 01013

9-2018 Planting Zone Map

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